H1B Fee Paid By You or Employer ?

Who Pays For What When Filing H1B visa petition ?

Many applicants would wonder, who would pay for the H1B petition. For the most part, it is an employer’s expense.

Below Is A Brief Summary 

H1B Fee  Components Cost USD Who Pays for it ? Why should they pay for it ?
H-1B Visa Fee = The USCIS fee for the H-1B petition is$460 To be paid by employee. Only Once.
H1B Registration Fee$10To be paid by the employer. Only for first time cap subject petitions.
Base Filing Fee$460Employer or H1B Sponsor.
It is employer’s business expense as they intend to hire a highly skilled individual and bring them on-board
AICWA Fee$750 or $1,500Employer/ H1B Sponsor.
It is employer’s business expense. Law requires that this fee is never passed to the employee being hired or any other  third party
Fraud Prevent & Detection Fee$500Employer.
It is employer’s business expense. Just like above, it is mandated by law and employee being hired should NOT pay for it.
Fee Based On Public Law 114-113$4000Employer.
It is employer’s business expense. This is a law that was passed earlier in 2016 year under Omnibus bill.
Attorney FeeVariesEmployer. It is employer’s business expense.
Premium Processing Fee (Optional)$1,410Optional fee. Either employer or You ( Employee being hired).
If you bear it, the employer has to demonstrate to DOL that it was expedited due to your personal reasons.
Visa Stamping Fee ( Fee Involved In Getting H1B visa at US consulate )varies By CountryEmployee’s expense. All the costs involved in obtaining visa, including cost involved in translation of your credentials, etc. It will NOT be an employer’s expense.

Gollip Companies Job Application Purpose and Fees.

Visa Application Fee$460 USD
Authorization Health Care Certificate Varies By Country
N-648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions Varies By Country
DS-2053-Medical-Examination Immigrant Varies By Country
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