Grassroots Herd Check is a tool developed by Thomas Vets to enable vets to make better use of farm milk recording data. Farmers can spend large sums of money on milk recording, but only get a tiny fraction of the benefit from this huge wealth of information. The biggest obstacle to making better use of milk recording information is time. This led to the development of Grassroots Herd Check where the software does the work.

Grassroots Herd Check allows farmers and their vets to save time by rapidly compiling the most relevant data and presenting it in an easy to read format, which highlights both current herd performance and trends over time. The system automatically checks for new milk recording data. The site is updated every day, so that the latest recording results are always available for analysis. There is no need to spend time downloading data from the milk recording company’s website or transferring data from third party websites. An additional benefit of Grassroots Herd Check is that the service is not limited to any single milk recording company and is fully compatible with all the different milk recording organisations.

Grassroots Cell Check

The report provides a summary of current and historic herd sub-clinical mastitis performance. In addition, it conducts individual cow analysis to help identify members of the herd that require individual attention.

Grassroots Feed Check

This report harnesses the latest knowledge of the relationship between milk composition, energy status, fertility and risk of rumen acidosis. Grassroots Feed Check aims to provide a full analysis of milk composition by stage of lactation.


We are able to interpret these reports for you and provide advice tailored to your individual circumstances. For instance, advice on the treatment of individual cows in the herd and the herd as a whole. Identify where infection is likely to be coming from and whether dry cow therapy is being effective. This is a really useful tool to keep tabs on what’s happening. Reports can be generated monthly, bi monthly or quarterly depending on requirements.

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